Fast-calling Tree Cricket (Oecanthus celerinictus)

Song of a Fast-calling Tree Cricket (scroll down for explanation and additional recordings!).

Fast-calling Tree CricketBeautiful, elegant, and delicate are words that aptly describe the Fast-calling Tree Cricket. An inhabitant of weedy fields and roadsides, this species prefers broad-leafed plants, where individuals can sometimes be found during the day, perched in the open near the top of a plant. Finding a calling male at night is much more difficult because they perch lower and and are very sensitive to disturbance. Color varies from pale, reddish yellow to light green.

Fast-calling Tree Cricket base of antennae.

Base of antennae.

Range Map for Fast-calling Tree Cricket

Fast-calling Tree Cricket

Song: As the common name implies, the song is a very rapid trill, with about 65–70 pulses per second, generally delivered without pause. The frequency is about 4 kHz. This is one of the few tree crickets that regularly sings during the day. The song is loud and difficult to localize.

Sonogram of a Fast-calling Tree Cricket. © Wil Hershberger.


Fast-calling Tree Cricket

Fast-calling Tree Cricket

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