Agile Meadow Katydids – On the Move! (Orchelimum agile)

Song of a Agile Meadow Katydid (scroll down for explanation and additional recordings!).

insect_musicians_orchel-agile_WH_DIGIAgile Meadow Katydid are on the move. Reports are coming in for this species in Adams, Scioto, and Ross Counties of Ohio!

We need your help to fill in the gaps. If you see this species in West Virginia or Kentucky PLEASE let me know. Please indicate the County, nearest town, and date. Photos would be very helpful as well.

Be sure to check the cerci and the head color for proper identification. Some individuals will have more green coloration to the head than pictured on this page.

Updated range map for Agile Meadow Katydid

Agile Meadow Katydid left cercus from above.

Left cercus from above.


Song: A rapid series of ticks followed by a dry, buzzy trill of variable length at 8–20 kHz. Loud and easily heard. May give lots of ticks without trills. Sings both day and night.



Other Sound Examples:

Agile Meadow Katydids are showing up farther west every year. Here is a recording of a small colony singing from the cattails at the edge of a pond in western Berkeley Co., WV.

Agile Meadow Katydids singing at the edge of a pond in Berkeley Co., WV on September 3, 2019. 28.3C ©Wil Hershberger.

Agile Meadow Katydid

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